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About Chicopee
The city of Chicopee Massachusetts is located in the Hampden County are and was founded as a town in 1848 and as a city in 1890.

Every fall Chicopee has one of the largest Polish celebrations in the U.S. and over 7,500 people come from all around to feast on kielbasa and dance the polka while enjoying the Great New England Air Show which attracts over 700,000 visitors to Chicopee for a three day extravaganza.

Residents of Chicopee feel their cities history is a tie to the present day and echoing the diversity of population also the production of industrial products and the pride that was there during the cities incorporation and is still present today.

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Central High Class Of '95 Twenty Year Reunion
Central High School Class Of '95 Come join Central High School Class of ' 95 as they celebrate their 20th year anniversary class reunion. Featuring a dinner buffet and reception from 5pm-10pm for Central's class of '95 with music, raffles, door prizes, slideshow, and a special gift presention in honor of the class. The event will be open to Central High School alumni from all classes and members of the general public from 10pm to 1am.       ***** All Central High classes are welcome to attend after 10pm*****  

When: Nov 28, 2015 5 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Sat, 28 Nov 2015 17 )
The Rockin' Robin
Special Benefit Show for Cancer!

When: Nov 20, 2015 6 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Fri, 20 Nov 2015 18 )
New North Citizens' Council, Inc. Masquerade Ball
On Friday, October 30th, the New North Citizens' Council, Inc (NNCC) will be holding our first ever MASQUERADE BALL at the American Legion in Chicopee, MA. This event will not only be a fun evening of music, dancing and networking, but it also serves as the start of our fundraising campaign towards the design and construction of the new "Barbara Rivera Community Center," which will be replacing the old NNCC building that was demolished in early September.

When: Oct 31, 2015 7 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Sat, 31 Oct 2015 19 )
John Valby
When: Oct 9, 2015 7 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 19.50 - 19.50 (Fri, 09 Oct 2015 19 )
Jay Pharoah
When: Oct 24, 2015 7 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 20.00 - 20.00 (Sat, 24 Oct 2015 19 )
Mike Epps
Mike Epps is generating an extraordinary amount of buzz among his peers for being not only one of the funniest comic actors in town, but also for his burgeoning dramatic talent. Mike will return this summer in the Starz series “Survivor’s Remorse” produced LeBron James and Mike O’Malley which was picked up for a second season. The show follows Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher), a basketball star in his early 20s who is thrust into the limelight after signing a multimillion-dollar contract with a pro team. Epps plays Cam’s ‘Uncle Julius,’ who moves from the Dorchester projects to an Atlanta mansion with his family after Cam gets a big pro contract. Although Uncle Julius loves the perks of success, he still tries to keep the family on point with his guidance and wisdom. Mike will also star in the ABC series “Uncle Buck” as Uncle Buck, a fun loving but irresponsible guy who needs a job and a place to stay. By happy coincidence, his nieces and nephew’s Nanny has just quit and his brother and sister-in-law need his help. His unconventional personality just may make him the right fit for the family. The film is based on the 1989 film starring John Candy and will premiere first quarter 2016.

When: Nov 28, 2015 10 PM to Nov 29, 2015 12 AMin Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 45.00 - 45.00 (Sat, 28 Nov 2015 22 )
Mike Epps
When: Nov 28, 2015 7 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 45.00 - 45.00 (Sat, 28 Nov 2015 19 )
Advanced Training Western MA for MotherWoman Group Facilitators
Register for this important NEW training!   Advanced Training for MotherWoman Group Facilitators   Join other experienced MotherWoman Group facilitators in an advanced training where we will debut the NEW MotherWoman Perinatal Group Curriculum!  Reunite with the MotherWoman community in an inspiring and energizing training where you will learn new skills, deepen established ones, re-vitalize your enthusiasm to avoid "facilitator fatigue" and work with the NEW MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Curriculum.   This 100+ page Curriculum includes 7 Chapters with 37 complete individual session plans, for example:  The Adjustment to Motherhood: The Rollercoaster of Expectations vs Reality  Changes in Identity: Who am I Now? Going Back to Work (isn't THIS work?!) Perinatal Emotional Complications: What, Why & How, Trauma, Self-care and HOPE The Myth of the Good Mother: Messages From Our Own Mothers, Defining Motherhood For Ourselves Self-Care: What Do I Need Now and How Do I Ask For It? Relationships: Partners, Parents, Friends, Establishing Strong Support Strong emotions: The BIG 4 - Guilt, Anger, Depression & Anxiety, Help is on the Way! Each session includes: Objectives, Sample Tune ins, Introduction to each topic, Realities for each topic, NEW MotherWoman Principles for Perinatal Moms, customized Check in Questions, Weaving, Exercises and Closings. PLUS additional chapters on Establishing Safety and Trust in Early & Challenging Groups, Introducing a Mom in Crisis to an Established Group, Annual Themes, and more!   Check out all the Benefits for you....  Reboot yourself Freshen up or bring new sessions to your group Improve the quality of your facilitation and sharpen your skills Re-connect with other seasoned MW facilitators, Liz and Annette Receive free copy of the new Curriculum ($100 value)  Benefits that impact your groups....  Re-vitalize and improve the quality of your group Bring renewed Sparkle and Depth to your group Offer a broader range of topics to your group Offer a deeper learning and empowering opportunity to moms in your group Increase numbers in your group Reach a wider audience   **Prerequisite: Attendee must have completed the Three-Day MotherWoman Group Facilitator Training prior to registration. We look forward to seeing you there! Register now! Enrollment is limited  **This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers for 5.5 continuing education

When: Oct 23, 2015 10 AM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Fri, 23 Oct 2015 10 )
MotherWoman Group Facilitator Training: Innovative Approaches to Leading Successful Groups in Your Community
Join us for the popular and dynamic MotherWoman Group Facilitator Training!   MotherWoman Facilitator Training  prepares participants to:   Skillfully facilitate the MotherWoman Group Model© which includes deep sharing among women, compassionate reflection, strength-based psycho-social education, relaxation techniques, respectful and empowering group guidelines, leading empowering meaningful group discussions. Create safety and mutual respect for sharing authentic experiences of motherhood, especially those which are difficult or taboo to express. Master group dynamics and utilize matrix for achieving optimal group engagement. Explore cultural messages and myths about motherhood that impact maternal mental health and well-being. Lead culturally competent support groups that welcome powerful discussions among diverse mothers. Motivate personal and social change by linking socio-political factors to maternal mental health and perinatal mood disorders. Gain a deeper understanding of the power of support groups.   This training is for seasoned group facilitators, medical and mental health professionals, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and peer support leaders, as well as mothers and community leaders without prior group facilitation experience. The goal of this three day training is to introduce participants to the replicable elements of The MotherWoman Group Model© based on SEE - Safety, Education and Empowerment – which promotes women’s mental health, social connections and personal resilience and maximize their leadership capacity in offering successful women’s support groups for diverse mothers across the lifespan. MotherWoman Support Groups are structured and facilitated groups for mothers. Designed to support and empower mothers to be agents of positive change and leadership in their lives. In an environment of mutual respect, MotherWoman Groups provide safe spaces where mothers can speak honestly, find their inherent strength and voice, connect authentically with other women, break down isolation and gain much-needed perspective and validation. MotherWoman Support Groups offer women the precious reminder that in order to be the best caregivers and leaders, mothers must prioritize their self-care and needs. This model is based on the belief that mothers are the cornerstone of society, raising the next generation, and as such deserve respect, honor and support. The MotherWoman Group Model© is replicable in a variety of settings and with diverse populations. This model is easily adapted to include program-specific curricula and is especially effective in partnership with MotherWoman’s Community-based Perinatal Support Model© (CPSM). 20.0 Social Work CEUs are offered as part of the training.   "I’d been running support groups for three years and felt I was very skilled as a facilitator. The methods I learned through the MotherWoman Facilitator Training have transformed my group beyond anything I could have expected.”  Carol McMurrich, Founder of Empty Arms    Click to watch powerful participant feedback in                            Moms Are Worth A Million      *Cancellation and Transfer Policy:* Please submit your request in writing (email). Unless otherwise specified in the individual program description, cancellations can be made up to 14 calendar days before the first day of the training to receive a refund, less a $50 Registration Fee. No refunds are granted for cancellations made with less than the 14-day notice. ***Transfers: If you cannot attend and you would like someone else to attend in your place, please use the Eventbrite Registration website to "Ask a question" with the same email address used for registration and we can transfer the ticket to someone else's name. You must provide us with that person’s name, phone and email within 3 days of the training..

When: Oct 20, 2015 9 AM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Tue, 20 Oct 2015 09 )
Thunder From Down Under
The PERFECT Girl's Night Outback! Australia's HOTTEST Export – Thunder From Down Under – hits an intimate Vegas stage every night of the week showing off chiseled bodies, seductive dance routines, cheeky humor and boy-next-door charm that you won't be able to resist! Each sexy performer embodies a different female fantasy and brings it to life, turning your wildest dreams into reality. This isn't the type of show you just sit and watch – Thunder is a fully interactive experience. The blokes dance on tabletops, make their way through the crowd and even select a few lucky ladies to join in the fun on stage. Don't miss your chance to get up close and personal with these Aussie hunks! Critics, celebrities and fans from around the world rave that Thunder From Down Under is the is best male revue show on the Strip! This show is the ultimate bachelorette party, divorce party and girls' night out destination.

When: Jan 23, 2016 7 PM to Jan 23, 2016 9 PMin Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: $22.50-39.50 (Sat, 23 Jan 2016 19 )
Thunder From Down Under
When: Jan 23, 2016 10 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 22.50 - 39.50 (Sat, 23 Jan 2016 22 )

When: Nov 7, 2015 8 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts (Sat, 07 Nov 2015 20 )
Bob Marley Comedian
When: Oct 16, 2015 7 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: 28.00 - 28.00 (Fri, 16 Oct 2015 19 )
Gator Jazz Present Jonathan Butler
Grammy Nominated R&B , Smooth Jazz, & Gospel vocalist/guitar artist Jonathan Butler, will perform two shows. Jonathan Butler originally from Cape Town South Africa now living in Los Angeles has toured the world playing to sold out Jazz festivals /Concerts. Tickets are $38.00 advance $45.00 the day of the show. For more information call 413-593-5222 or This concert is produce by Gator Jazz Enterprises

When: Nov 6, 2015 6 PM in Chicopee, Massachusetts
Cost: $38.00 advance $45:.00 the day of the show * contact the Venue listed below for ticketing information (Fri, 06 Nov 2015 18 )

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